Who am I ? I am Elysia

Before I started writing this, I went through a few About pages, I saw they were really nice and professionally made.  Perfect types. Well, that isn’t me. I have been learning all of this at home through youtube tutorials and have made so many mistakes that I have lost count. 

But I have wanted to do this for ages. Fight this ‘Creating my own Website’ demon and hope to become wiser. At least, wise enough to inspire more people like me to take this leap on the World Wide Web. 

That, on the left, is my family. We are a bunch of crazies. And I am a SAHM – I learnt that term today. It means ‘Stay At Home Mom’. I have been a SAHM for the last 10 years – its been a roller coaster at the best of times. More about that later. 

Through these pages (literally) I want to express all that I am and feel. I hope I can reach out to more and more SAHMs like me and help them find their space like I am finding mine. 

Cheers …